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The Russians from the end of the nineteenth century to the early sixties first used the Mosin Nagant rifle. It has also been used to fight the Japanese, Russians, Finns and of course the Germans. The Mosin-Nagant rifle has been used by millions of soldiers and also by conscripts of the Soviet Army. It cannot be called the best infantry gun because the Mauser 98 and the Lee-Enfield are superior except when it comes to reliability and cost price. On the latter two categories, there is no better gun than this one.

During the Second World War, this rifle was the weapon that was most used by both Soviet soldiers as well as Finnish soldiers. Snipers, to kill big numbers of enemy troops, used the gun.

The Mosin Nagant rifle may look ugly as well as antiquated but when it is in the right hands it can really wreak havoc. Today, this rifle is the first choice among all those who want to own a budget price rifle. In fact, it is possible to buy this rifle for as little as 120 dollars. At a gun show and at gun stores it is possible to buy this weapon at an even more affordable price.

The trigger of the Mosin agant rifle can either be very good or it can be quite boring. So, before buying this rifle, be sure to test out the trigger. Depending on the length of the barrel of the Mosin-Nagan rifle, it will typically drive a 147-grain bullet at velocities of between 2600 and 2900 fps.

Cleaning this rifle is not difficult but it can consume a lot of time. However, it is important to clean the rifle from time to time as a dirty barrel can ruin the rifle’s bore and also end up trashing it.

The nice thing about this rifle is that it has a nice and strong stock that won’t break too easily. However, the rifle does not provide much shooting comfort and it is also not the most ergonomically well-designed rifle either. The grip is straight and the pull is quite short to enable the Russian soldier shooting the rifle to hold it while clad in bulky winter clothing. The butt end of the rifle is virtually indestructible. The bolt handle is clumsy and the Mosin Nagant rifle is not as smooth as a Lee-Enfield but at the same time it is very strong and though not good looking it is very cheap and functions well.

The trouble with using this rifle is that it has a very clumsy safety mechanism. Engaging the safety mechanism requires that you grip a small and slippery cocking piece on the back of the bolt. You need to pull lit back with plenty of force while at the same time twisting it in a counterclockwise direction. The rifle is easy to sight. The sights are in fact robust and properly calibrated. It also produces strong recoil. The rifle is also not the most accurate but it does handle quickly and it can be pointed instinctively and will hit the target more often than not.

The bottom line is that the Mosin Nagant rifle is very reliable and rugged. It is also fun to shoot.