Mauser Aftermarket Stocks

Mauser Aftermarket Stocks

How to choose the best Mauser Aftermarket Stocks

There has been a lot of hype in the world of rifles. When buying your firearm, you don’t want it to be just another firearm. You want it to be an object of beauty. You want to get a sense of pride just by looking at it and knowing that you own it. You want shooters around you to pause and look when you take it out. It is possible to achieve the above. All you need is an in-depth knowledge of what you want. Most importantly, you will need the right stock.
You can never go wrong with aftermarket synthetic stock. No one wants to be fooled by a cheaply made inferior product, and you surely don’t want to throw your hard-earned money for a rifle that is not worth it. The variety of synthetic stock in the market is very wide. When making your selection, don’t just go for looks –they can be deceiving. A poor quality stock will not only all apart while on use but will also ruin your hunt. To get the best bargain.
Find out a stock’s ability to withstand heavy pounding
There is repeated pounding in the action area as the lugs recoil. That means your stock should be able to withstand all the pressure, and the only way to ensure quality is by checking the material. A sharp stab into this area should do the trick. Alternatively, twist the stock firmly to see how much flex it has.
Check the Price
A ridiculously low price could probably mean that the stock is of inferior quality. It will soon disappoint you. Steer clear of it.
Inquire about Material
In order to make sales, some companies just make names that completely confuse the importance of the material that goes into a synthetic stock. Stocks made of plastic may be light, but they cannot bend and are easy to break. Kevlar and graphite on the other hand are more expensive, but they add strength and considerably lighten the stock.As a hunter, you can are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a rifle stock. However it is important to go for the one whose efficiency and ease of use is guaranteed.

Top 5 best Stocks for the Mauser:

1. The Advanced Technology International Mauser Stock

Advanced Technology International Mauser 98 Stock with Scope Mount and Buttpad

This is a product that you can comfortably use in scout rifles. It is a survival firearm that has managed to remain relevant after years in the market. It is rightly chambered and has great agility, a quick to load and cycle ability as well as a simple maintenance routine. The international Mauser stock has an in-built weaver scope and butt pad that eliminates the felt punch of recoil. It is scratch-resistant and never gets affected by weather conditions like rain, heat or extreme temperatures.

2. Hogue Mauser 98 Over molded Stock Military/ Sporter Actions

Hogue Rubber Over Molded Stock, Mauser 98, Military, Sporter, Olive Drab, Aluminium Bedding Block

One of the characteristic that stands out with this one is its fiberglass skeleton and the coloration of a ghillie tan. . It also has a permanently bonded rubber coating popular with the Hogue’s handgun grips. The non slip coating gives it a quiet feel and durability. To ensure a solid grip, it has been fitted with a cobblestone texture on the gripping and fore ends. A set of swivel studs of 1/2 wood screw for end base and another 3/4 for the rear have been fitted with white spacers only. The tough components thrown in by the manufacture of this rifle guarantee impeccable functionality. For the most effective merchandise your money can buy, you will achieve the outcome you desire in your hunting sprees.

3. Hogue Rubber Over Molded Stock

Hogue Rubber Over Molded Stock, Mauser 98, Olive Drab, Pillar Bedding

For a total of 59 dollars only, you are guaranteed satisfaction from this stock. The ruger 10/22 standard barrel fit series is made similar to its popular rubber gripped counterparts. A molded super strong rigid fiberglass has been used to reinforce the stock to fit into the rifle action. A small skeleton has been over molded with the same compounds famous in Hogue grips. This insert adheres both chemically and mechanically to the rubber producing an unbreakable bond. Not only does the insert give strength to this stock but it also provides your rifle action with a perfect fit in drop. Apart from facilitating a non slip grip, the rubber offers an attractive finish and a unique touch that compares to none in the synthetic market.

4. Champion Mauser /Large Ring 98 Stock

Champion Mauser/Large Ring 98 Stock, Carbon Pattern

As the name suggests, this stock is a champion that you may not want to pass up. Designed with a large variety of newly designed synthetic stocks, the Champion is highly flexible and handy. It will offer you dependability in performance with its exceptional fit, form and functionality. This model is also credited for its high accuracy and longevity. In appearance, the large ring 98 stock has a sense of appeal derived from the first class materials that have been used in its manufacture. These materials have the ability to withstand cleaners and oils, giving your rifle a long-lasting rich finish. Camouflage patterns like Real tree Ap and Mossy Oak Infinity as well as state of the art grip texture have been featured in this piece.

5. Mauser 98 Stock and Hand guard Set

Manufactured with the latest computer numerical control and robotic technology, it is arguably the most attractive and best fitting consistent stock ever. This new reproduction walnut stock and hand guard set has been given a true military configuration with an oil finish. After putting each stock in an intense laser guided inspection, there is no need for custom fittings of parts, cases of grinding and sanding have also been completely eliminated. These laser-guided inspections are aimed at ensuring that you get a product with uniform specifications and a perfect fit. Bolt takedowns of 1.175 diameters have been let in for the flat style butt plate.
Whether you are a hunter or just an enthusiast of the sport. You will always need a great stock to enhance your experience. The perfect stock has a great feel and fits right in with your shoulder and general physique.