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Review of Mosin Nagant Stripper Clips

The Mosin Nagant Stripper Clips are specially designed devices meant to improve the speed at which you can load a firearm. Produced by AIM sports products, the quality of this essential device speaks volumes about its workmanship. It works by holding five cartridges in a line so that each can be fed consecutively into a magazine of a high capacity.
Stamped steel is used to construct the Mosin Nagant Stripper Clips. Further, they are made with military specifications that make them of high quality. In essence, this means that performance is guaranteed due to their good strong spring. Most of them are often tested before they are sold to ensure that they function exceptionally well and that they are of a good fit.
If you own the Mosin Nagant, then you know that this military classic is here to stay. The stripper clips are an accessory that you must have to make your magazine versatile and efficient. Keep in mind that the stripper clips can make the difference between lengthy reloading and an excellent shooting experience.

Best Mosin Nagant Recoil Buttpads

Mosin Nagant Recoil Buttpads are considered to be vital rifle parts since they are effective in taking out significant kick or sting from any strong riffle shot. Specifically, its reduction of recoil is measured at an impressive 40 percent. These buttpads have a standard one-inch thickness; hence, they are made to fit all types of Mosin Nagant rifles.
A user can mount it to his rifle by removing the buttplate and securing the pad using butt plate screws. The rifle gains an additional 1 inch in length upon installation of the buttpad. As soon as it is firmly in place, a shooter will notice that the force of kick on his shoulder has been markedly reduced to a minor push.
They are lightweight, easy to install, and add sleekness to Mosin Nagant rifles. Most importantly, they remove substantial recoil. Simply put, there is no reason why any sensible rifle owner would not add Mosin Nagant Recoil Buttpads to his collection of riffle parts.

Mosin Nagant Cleaning Kit Reviews

Mosin Nagant M44 Bolt action rifle cleaning kit

Mosin Nagant is a bolt-action military rifle that was designed in the late 19th century and entered Imperial Russian Army service in 1891. In spite of the fact that it is more than a century old, this is one of the most mass-produced rifles of all time and is still used in many parts of the world. Thanks to its fantastic history and durable design, Mosin Nagant rifles continue to be very popular with gun collectors and owner, which is the reason why Mosin Nagant Cleaning Kits are available on the market.
These kits are intended to keep these rifles clean and operational. For this purpose, Mosin Nagant Cleaning Kits include a brush, a depth gauge for the firing pin, which also acts as a screwdriver, a cleaning rod along with its handle, and a muzzle protector. All these come packed in a handy pouch which makes them ideal for transport and use not only at home, but also at the firing range and any other location.
With Mosin Nagant Cleaning Kits, every owner of these fantastic rifles can make sure that their weapons remain in great condition for many years to come.

Mosin Nagant Muzzle Brake Review

Mosin Nagant 91-30 Muzzle Brake is manufactured from steel and offers reduced recoil, tighter muzzle flip and reduced flash.
It is manufactured from steel making it very durable.
Excellent performance- Mosin Nagant 91-30 Muzzle Brake offers reduced recoil and flash. You will choose up to hundreds rods without pain at all.
It is also well built and easy to install. You don’t need professional help to install Mosin Nagant 91-30 Muzzle Brake
Mosin Nagant 91-30 Muzzle Brake works perfectly with the 1943 91/30. However, it will not work on Chinese rifle models. Before purchasing, it is very good to ensure the model of the rifle you are using is not Chinese model.
This is very affordable yet very durable muzzle brake.
If you are looking for the perfect Mosin Nagant Muzzle Brakes, Mosin Nagant 91-30 Muzzle Brake is worth trying. It is quite affordable yet it will immensely improve your performance.

Mosin Nagant Pistol Grips Reviews

If you have had trouble with holding your Mosin Nagant, then it is time to find the pistol grip. The Mosin Nagant Pistol grip will be the right grip to allow you to enjoy your Mosin again. It creates a great ease in holding the gun and also in operating the trigger.
Mosin Nagant pistol grips come in a variety of brands. You have the option of a Russian 91/30 M44 or any other brand that will please you. This type of pistol grip will hold 13 rifle shells stock. It increases the weapons performance immensely, holding your pistol well will be achieved with much ease.
This pistol grip will create a great ease in the way you operate your gun. You can be sure to have a more control when firing your pistol. It also reduces fatigue when holding your gun. With this grip, your entire palm swells, finger grooves and other problems associated with holding your gun will not be experienced any more.
The Mosin Pistol grip has received positive reviews from different buyers. It comes with a high quality reinforced plastic that will fit perfectly on your gun. This pistol grip is therefore worth purchasing. Buy it today to enjoy immense comfort with holding your pistol.

AIM Mosin Nagant Sling Reviews

AIM Mosin Nagant Sling

AIM Mosin Nagant Sling is designed with tough, webbed canvas strap that is both durable and comfortable. The slings measures approximately 1.5 inches wide and comes with the original dog collar style which makes the sling very appealing and comfortable to wear. In addition, the leather straps are thick enough to hold the rifle comfortable.
The sling is almost identical to the M44 or 9130. It is long enough to fit the butt stock. The leather is of high quality and you should expect it to last for years. The buckles are made from high quality aluminum. You can easily adjust the sling to attain the maximum comfort you need.
Price- AIM Mosin Nagant Slings are very affordable. If you are looking for a sling that is durable and with great design yet very affordable, this is the perfect sling for you.

Best Mosin Nagant Bayonet’s

Russian Mosin Nagant Bayonet Scabbard 1891 & 1891/30

Every hunter knows a hunt is only as good as the rifle and the person behind it. Mosin Nagant Rifles was created with the Russian Army in mind and was used widely during WW2 and is a beautiful rifle. The Mosin Nagant bayonet’s come with detachable pieces and has an authenticity like no other. You can purchase Mosin Nagant bayonets online and the 91/30s are available on websites and gunbrokers alike.
If you are a rifle or bayonet collector the Mosin Nagant is a must have for your collection. Looking for a bayonet can be a challenging job, and there are still some Mosin Nagant bayonet originals available although many other model and model styles have been made since then. A bayonet is a gun attachment that is useful for combat and military training.
Although most rifle owners today don’t use their bayonet’s or attach them, they are still a good show and gun collector’s alike know that. Don’t be afraid to show off your new Mosin Nagant 91/30 bayonet today to all your gun friends and family, as these items become more and more of an antique each year.

Bulldog Case for Mosin Nagant

Bulldog Cases BD110 Pit Bull Shotgun Black Rife Case with Black Trim (52-Inch)

Soviet Russian Drop Case for Mosin Nagant is designed with a strong quality and a heavy duty canvas. It is the perfect case for any event; whether you are going for hunting in wilderness or sporting event, this is the best case. The case is very durable and can survive any condition. In addition, it can accommodate relative large rifles.
It is a water proof rifle case that protects your rifle against water damage. It is comfortable to carry as it tightly holds rifle in one position. The rifle will not slide on the case and the hinges are very effective.
Price- Soviet Russian Drop Case for Mosin Nagant is very affordable. If you are looking for Mosin Nagant Cases that are affordable and can accommodate relative large rifles, comfortable to carry on any terrain, Soviet Russian Drop Case for Mosin Nagant is the best case for you.

Best Mosin Nagant Scope Mounts

Mosin Nagant Scope Mount Reviews

Mosin Nagant Scope mount reviews

The Mosin Nagant Rifle is an internal magazine fed, bolt action military rifle that was developed via the Imperial Russian Army from 1882 to 1891. The rifle was utilized by the armed forces of the Soviet Union, Russian Empire as well as additional nations. This rifle is said to be one of the most mas produced military bolt action rifles within history. There were greater than 37 million units manufactured since its inception in 1891. Much like the AK-47, the Mosin-Nagant Rifle has surfaced within a variety of conflicts around the globe, in spite of its obsolescence and age.
The Mosin Nagant came about due to the extremely high amounts of Russian casualties during the Russo-Ottoman War that took place from 1877 to 1878. It was then that Russian troops were armed, mostly, with Berdan single shot rifles while their Turkish counterparts were armed with Winchester repeating rifles. Most notable in regards to the carnage of the war due to inappropriate weaponry is the bloody Siege of Plevna. This was a battle that forced commanders of the Russian army to see that they needed much better weaponry. It was shortly after that moment that two out of three rifle submissions were combined into the every present Mosin-Nagant Rifle.

What you need to know about Mosin Nagant Scope Mounts

The rifle can be transformed into sniper level rifles with the addition of a Mosin-Nagent Scope Mount. The mount itself must to be committed to the receiver with six screws. Once the mount is securely attached, iron sights can no longer be utilized with this sight. During the World War II period, the scope was substituted with a side mounted PU scope. This scope has slightly lower magnification that is 3.5 as well as a scheme that is flat where the width of the scope tube is identical to the object’s diameter.
Mosin Nagant Scope Mount is a scope mount that has been made to meet the needs of those who will like to have a scope mount that is very durable. The strongest scope mounts are made from military grade steel. This ensures the riflescope is very durable and sturdy during its use. The setup is made in such a way that it will offer no restrictions on its use, even if you will like to mount it on a hex or round receiver, you will easily have it mounted on the receiver ready to hold your rifle scope in position.

Here are the Top 4 Scope mounts for the Mosin Nagant

1. Brass Stacker Sight Mount Review

Brass Stacker MN9130SSM Scout Scope Mount for Mosin Nagant Rifles, Black

Brass Scout Scope Mount stacker for Mosin Nagant Rifles is a mount that you will find very convenient when mounting your scope on a rifle. The stacker allows easy mounting of rifle scopes on different military surplus rifles. It ensures the rifle scopes are mounted perfectly. It has iron sittings that ensure the riflescope is very secure when running with your rifle in the woods. In case you have a no stripper clip interface or straight bolt handle, you will find the mount useful.
The rifle stacker does not force you to make permanent modifications on your firearm, your firearm will remain intact while the stacker mounts your rifle scope on it. If you need a mount that will enable you have a rifle scope without drilling your rifle, then you should buy this rifle scope stacker. Under no incidence you will find the stacker has let your rifle scope to drop.
The scope mount that is designed for Mosin Nagant T53, M44 and M38 rifles. It is made of rigid steel construction and features black oxide and secure bolts over the back slight block. It is very effective since it discourages users from using a scope that receives an impact like dropping. Such scope mounts are usually inaccurate and can adversely affect your performance.
The product has more to offer since it allows use of original sight in case the scope or the mount has been compromised. The mount is however designed for with back rear sights block with one pin passing through the leaf pivot pin and top edge barrel.

2. ATI Mosin Nagant Scope Mount with Bolt Handle Reviews

The Scope Mount with a Bolt Handle is a scope mount that will enable you have the scope in position when using the rifle. The scope is made out of durable materials which will ensure you enjoy long services with the scope. It is made out of military type T6 aluminum coat. This ensures the scope mount is very secure in place when in use.
It has a polished handle bolt made out of stainless steel. This ensures you are able to make use of the scope mount in any environment without fear of the scope mount being spoiled. The setup is made in such a way that it allows the scope mount to be mounted on both hex and round receivers. In order to make it easy for you to assemble the scope mouth, there is a detailed instruction on how to mount it.

3. UTG Mosin Nagant Tri-Rail Mount Review

The UTG Mosin Nagant Tri-Rail Mount is a light weight rifle scope that features two steel adapters on the back sight. The adapters ensure full length which is very crucial for dual use on both full size and carbine rifles. It is made from aircraft aluminum for maximum strength. It has an extended rail with 17 different scopes and two removable mounts with 24 slots which make it easier for users to use their rifles even in the most tactical accessory applications.
The mount has other great features that include great zero retention ability for all accessories in the rails to give the most secure fit. The mount comprises of three pieces that work together to enhance performance.
The mount works great on M44 rifle and doesn’t require lots of efforts to fit since its rail mount fits perfectly on many rifles. Do you want a better rifle experience? Then be sure to try this mount for it has been tested extensively by experts to ensure friendly installation and better user experience.

4. 5-Pc. AIM Sports Mosin-Nagant Kit Review

It has never been easier to accessorize your Mosin-Nagant with the nifty 5 piece kit of useful accessories. In the kit you get a pair of Weaver Base Rings, a thick khaki canvas sling which is fully adjustable with leather tabs, although some have complained that the sling is too short. Included in the kit is a Recoil Buttpadm Rail with hard anodized aluminium mount.
The AIM Sports Mosin-Nagant Kit comes complete with 2-7x32mm Scout Scope which is both water-, shock and fog-proof. The scope rings are solidly robust are capable of holding the scope nice and tightly. The scope mount is made of aluminum with steel screws to hold it in place. With blue multi-coated optics which deliver bright and crystal clear views, the fine crosshairs Plex reticle is ideal for dead-on targeting.

Mosin Nagant Scope Reviews

Mosin Nagant Scope Reviews

Best Scopes for your Mosin Nagant

The Mosin Nagat is one of the oldest military rifles. If you are a collector, keeping the factory sight is the best option, but when it comes to making a ergonomic and more accurate rifle you may want to consider a new sight.
One advantage off the Mosin Nagat factory sights is the durability. Because they are low profile, they tend to not get much of hits an brushes or get knocked around. Additionally, the design is one that allows the sights to be almost invincible to the effects of recoil.
Another advantage is the simplicity. Factory sights for this rifle are not very complex in terms of operation.They are also fairly lightweight, making it incredibly easy for operation an handling.The cheap price is another thing to add to the list of advantages. Since they are supplied together with the rifle, there generally isn’t a need for a separate purchase.Also, the factory sights are quite tough when it comes to withstanding adverse weather conditions such as snow, sleet, and rain.
One of the disadvantages of the factory sights addition to the Mosin Nogant is the optical quality. Compared to other sights, they are generally difficult to use. For instance, it requires the shooter to focus on front sight, rear sight, and the target all at the same time. This becomes a central issue when the visually impaired are using this sight. Another pitfall with these sights is the difficulty of adjustment. Because they are factory supplied, their quality is sometimes undermined quite significantly. In terms of speed, this type of sight is rather inferior. This is largely because of the use if the pay ridge sight mechanism that greatly reduces sight speed. Also with attention to field pod view, it is a feature that is quite limited. This is largely the result of the internal mechanisms involving the front bead which obscures some of the target, especially the bottom half.

Why you might want to look for an aftermarket sight or Scope

The following are some reasons why you may want a Mosin Nagant aftermarket sight/scope.
You will get a better vision. Every person using Mosin Nagant rifle requires reliable vision to make better decisions. Mosin Nagant sight will help have the best vision in any field which is a great advantage. Investing on this scope will give you a perfect and permanent solution that will definitely improve your shooting skills. Are you are tired of missing your targets, then don’t hesitate to have this scope
Enhances your scores. Sports men using Mosin Nagant have their mindset to make the best scores. This is however not possible without the scope since bad vision will lower your scores regardless of your skills. The scope will guarantee you quality vision which is vital for high scores.
Quality for hunting.The scope will convert your Mosin Nagant rifle into a modern hunting rifle. It is worth investing if you like hunting at a close range. It is also lightweight, very easy to mount and doesn’t need to be sighted in after removal. It will help you sight in more quickly for a closer and more accurate focus.
Do you think that you want to improve your game? Then be sure to go for Mosin Nagant rifle scope. It will really improve your skill, help you hit all your targets and consequently improve your game. In addition, the scope is compact and it will offer a wider field of view making it easier for you to tract moving objects.

1. Adding at Factory style scope like the Firefield PU Mosin-Nagant/SVT-40 Scope

There is no doubt about the fact that there are many different variations of scopes but among the best is the Mosin-Nagant/SVT-40 Scope. It is like a replica of the Russian PU Scope which was praised for its precision and was being used majorly during the World War II by the Soviet Union. It goes hand in hand with the PU Scope to give greater intensity.
The Mosin-Nagant/SVT-40 Scope has thick lenses, a body made from metal, with a firm mount. Having a firm mount implies that this PU Scope to stay firm even in a rogue terrain. This PU Scope has been in use for many years due to its precision with no fail until now and probably in future. Using modern optic technology, it is indeed a must try sight. Its unique arrangement of lenses make everything accurate and not forgetting its clarity. Users of this scope can view up to 200 yards forward courtesy of its 3.5 times magnification capability.
Its vintage looks is awesome though some people who have used this Mosin-Nagant/SVT-40 Scope have complained that its mounting screws may loosen very fast.

2. Nikon Prostaff 4-12 x 40 Scope review

Nikon Prostaff 4-12×40 is a compact rifle scope that can enable you achieve 4 to 12 magnification. It has a powerful 40mm objective lens that enables it offer this type of magnification. The rifle scope has fully multi-coated optical system that transmits 98% of the available light in wherever you may be using the scope to aim at objects. This is among the best sight that you can buy in case you will like to achieve great clarity when making use of your rifle in places with less light.
It has zero reset turret feature which will enable you easily adjust it to your preferred position. The spring loaded adjustment can enable you achieve up to 3.7 inch adjustments without stressing your eyes. In order to ensure it is water proof and fog proof. It is equipped with an O-ring that is filled with nitrogen. It has a quick focus eyepiece which measures 14.1 inches. In case you hunt in places with a lot of water, this sight is fully waterproof.

3. Leupold VX-2 3-9×40 Scope review

Leupold VX-2 3-9×40 Scope is the perfect rifle scope that will take shooting performance to a new level. It is light in weight enabling users to carry comfortably.
It is made from high quality aluminum material that is durable.It is designed with a durable cover lens that keeps out debris and dust and also improves visibility. The zoom ratio is 3;1 and a tactile power indicators allows users to determine proper magnification without removing eyes from the eyepiece.
The reticle has a large center gate that allows fast acquisition of target even when the target is moving. The index matched lens coatis coupled with the quantum optical system offer exception image clarity and brightness that immensely improves your accuracy. It is designed with waterproof materials.
Whether you are participating in competitions, you are practicing or hunting, Leupold VX-2 3-9×40 Scope is an excellent scope for you. Leupold VX-2 3-9×40 Scope review shows that it is the perfect scope for professionals as well as beginners.

4. Bushnell Multi-X Reticle Riflescope 4-12×40

This is a rifle scope that makes it easy for rifle users to achieve great accuracy while making use of it. It has useful features such as a powerful magnification lens that can provide up to 4-12 magnification. It is perfect for use in low light conditions. The Bushnell Banner riflescope has a multicoated lens that ensures the rifle scope is able to achieve great clarity and brightness. This makes it among the best choice for those who will like to make use of it in places with low light.
The elevation adjustments available make it very easy for people of different heights to make use of it. The sight is 100 percent waterproof. This makes it the most suitable rifle scope that you can use to hunt in woods where rain is common. Other features that make the scope stands out include fast focus eyepiece that measures 12 inches. In case you live in places with a lot of fog, the fog proof feature on the sight make it among the best choice that you can go for.

Mosin Nagant Aftermarket Stocks

Mosin Nagant Stock

Factory Mosin Nagant Rifle Stock

While some people absolutely hate it, there are others who swear by the Mosin Nagant Rifles. These rifles are collector’s items and have tons of practical uses. For firearm enthusiasts, this rifle is a surely a keeper, whether you keep if factory or decide to modify. If you are considering buying one though, it is worth looking at some of the pros and cons of keeping the with the original, or going for the aftermarket synthetic stock.
The wooden factory stock is what gives the rifle its solid, tough look. To begin with, it was the stock that made it such an overnight craze among gun enthusiasts. The stock is also where most of the markings and proofs – all of which make it a collector’s item, are located. The original wood stock, therefore, goes a long way in making the rifle as desirable as it is. Some people often complain about the weight of the factory stock, but this helps in preventing the recoil and making it easier to take a distance shot.
Though the wooden factory stock does give a lot of value to the rifle, it also makes it heavy and prone to damage. If you don’t care for your rifle, the stock will begin to rot. Another major challenge with the stock is that you will have to remove some of the wood to make clearance, if you want to install any additional accessories like a safety lever or a trigger unit.

Why you may want to consider an Aftermarket Synthetic Stock

There are a couple of drawbacks to the original stock. As these rifles were used for decades of battle, the stocks may not be very eye appealing and as they are original wood stocks, they are heavy. Initially made to be worn with heavy Russian war attire, some feel the length of the pull on the stock is too short as well. This gives many owners the thought of why they may want a Archangel Mosin Nagant aftermarket stock.
It seems to be that these rifles are powerful, accurate, inexpensive and very popular, with the main complaint the condition and functionality of the stock. When searching for an aftermarket stock there are several choices available. The most common advantages that can be seen with these purchases is a more comfortable grip, better length of pull on the stock, easier to carry and less kickback when the rifle is fired. Some stocks even free-float the barrel which maximizes the accuracy of the rifle even more.
Some collectors choose to leave the rifle as it, maintaining its history. However, if you do choose to upgrade your Mosin Nagant, there are several options available that can turn into an enjoyable project that can make the rifle more practical and personalized.

Best Aftermarket Tactical Mosin Stocks

1. Pro Mag AA9130 Archangel OPFOR Precise Rifle Stock

Pro Mag AA9130 Archangel Mosin Nagant Rifle Stock is constructed with an exclusive and hard carbon-fiber packed polymer, for the Mosin-Nagant M1891. It matches various M1891 rifles, round receivers and the hex set up on the 91/30, carbines, Finnish M-39 rifles the Soviet M-38 and carbines. Just about 6.61 inches in length, its mount is made from aircraft aluminium and anodized. This gives you an 8-inch picatinny or 7-inch weaver-mounting stand for your incorporated SCOPE or other weaver based scopes-sights-lasers-lights.

Features of the Archangel Stock:

Length of pull adjustable from 13.625 to 14.75″
Super Tough Polymer
Tolerates free floating of the barrel
Stock is inletted to accept Timney Triggers with no alteration
Integrates 3 integral steel pull-outs for ball lock QD sling swivels
5 Round removable box magazine
Cheek riser is thumbwheel click adjustable
Carbon Fiber Filled



2. ATI Monte Carlo Rifle Stock

ATI (Advanced Technology International) was one of the primary companies to provide a custom stock for the Mosin Nagant. The design and style are a standard non-adjustable Monte Carlo design identified by its actual well-formed pistol grab, sharp checkering as well as unique cheek rest.
It provides Glass filled nylon stock is unbreakable as well as suitable for easy “Drop-In” installing without unsheathing. Its main features are, a raised cheek rest, pistol grip, checkered forearm, high quality rubberized butt pad with lifetime warranty. This type is really suits in almost all 91/30 Rifles & M-38 and M-44 Carbines. Please note that, few small customizations can be needed.
These types of stocks are most typically exchanged with numerous packages to enable the shooter to more personalize the rifle. Scope mounts, substitution bolt handles and even picatinny rails are available depending on the requirements of the shooter.



3. Option to add Recoil Pad and Pistol grip to Factory Stock

Since the Mosin Nagant rifle has been around since 1891, and many people have tried to make adjustments and adaptations to it over the years. If you want the option to add an aftermarket recoil pad and pistol grip to a factory Mosin Nagant, the process is fairly simple.

You can purchase recoil pads on Amazon for a good price. Simply unscrew the screws that are on the butt plate and take it off, then use the same screws to attach it to the rifle. Most aftermarket pads will add around an inch to the butt of the Mosin Nagant, and will make a significant difference to the recoil.
Most pistol grips that can be found on with a large screw, so all you have to do is drill a pilot hole and screw the grip in. Adding a grip will improve your aim and provide extra control, while only adding around three ounces in weight.

Images of Tactical Mosin Nagants

Mosin Nagant Archangel Stock

Mosin Nagant Monte Carlo Stock

Mosin Nagant Pistol Grip